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Thursday, 16 November 2017 21:56

Alleva Coppolo KBP5 modified

Latest member of the family, the KBP5 from Alleva Coppolo.  

Thursday, 27 November 2014 02:09

Alleva Coppolo - LG5 Classic / NYC Build

Latest member of the family.  NYC build LG5 Classic by Jimmy Coppolo

Alleva Coppolo LG5 Classic - NYC Build

  • Old Growth / Old Cut 2pc Alder Body
  • Old Growth / Old Cut Sugar Maple neck
  • Indian rosewood fingerboard
  • small vintage frets
  • Fiesta Orange
  • 34" Scale
  • 19mm string spacing
  • AC Single Coil pickups
  • Vol / Vol / Tone with 2 band EQ(lo/hi, boost only)
  • 9lbs



Wednesday, 07 November 2012 16:40

Squier classic vibe 60's precision bass

tree's classic vibe 60's pbass

updated - 2013-05-08

It's about time to make this a little more official compare to my other basses.

- squier classic vibe 60's precision bass

- basswood body

- rosewood neck

- stock split coil pickup

- fiesta red with glossy polyester finish

- pbass chorme pickup cover ($10 upgrade found on craigslist)

- dimarzio vol / tone pots for a more smooth control

- currently strung with la bella 760M flatwound, the jamerson set (.52 - .110)

- made in china

Monday, 26 March 2012 16:58

ampeg - amb1bc


- ampeg amb-1bc (black cherry) - the wife

- 4 string

- basswood body

- 3 pieces maple neck

- rosewood finger board

- 32" short scale

- bassline SMB-4a pickup 

- aguilar obp-3 preamp installed in 2009

- volume, hi / mid / low boost&cut with switchable mid freq

- parallel / split / series pickup switch (mini toggle) 

- top load / body thru string loading option 

- weight - aprox. 7lbs 


Wednesday, 04 February 2009 07:41

jackson jdr94 refinished

jackson jdr94
my first electric guitar that had be ruined ...
spent a year to finish this project. not the best and turned out not as what i expected. well .. 
this is a used japanese made jackson guitar mom paid for me when i was in gr. 10. it used to be black, with rosewood board and black hardwares. a good friend of mine brian (gm4s) kindly gave me his original floydrose bridge and a seymour duncan pickup. sometimes after, i got a x-japan sticker on it ... as i grew older and got funky-er, i've decided to give some changes in 07', and took a year to repaint the body.



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