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Monday, 15 January 2018 22:28

HGUC - EX-S wip1

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IMG 50202

Happy 2018, and finally get to decide to start something new for this year, and have chosen this 15years old kit as my annual project.   

Yes, this kit was originally released in April 2002 and it was #29 of the hugc line.   Time really flies.   Still kind of remember getting it when it first came out.   Not the most slim and handsome proportion and look, but still a very good design with its own style.   And of course, pose matters ..  

Not plan to do anything fancy as they only make the process longer as I only have 15-20mins each night to mess around with things.  Straight build with all the basics.  Gluing seamlines, some easy shapings, sharpening.  Basically getting rid of things I don't like ...      

IMG 4928

Just started the light curing putty for the first time and I'm in aboslute love with it.  With the little UV light, the putty dries in seconds, and very easy to work with.   

Sit tight and keep checking!



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