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Thursday, 06 July 2017 20:34

HGUC Gun Cannon - Revive

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A little snap build from few month ago ..  and MAN ...     these new 1/44 HUGC gunpla has became my new favourite!

Great proportion, awesome articulation, fine details and they are just fun to build!   I can snap build a kit in under 2 hours and feeling totally satisfied!

Tools used: nipper, flush cut nipper, ceramic blade, xacto knife, sanding sponge, and sand paper.

my new favorite way of building, cut them all and snap without the manual as much as possible.


1 year war with robot damashi rx78 and char's zaku, + the RG zaku

These small HGUC are simply exceptional ..    looked good, play good, not much parts and easy to finish.   Haven't be impressed by Bandai for a very long time.  This is highly recommended!

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